How do you identify counterfeit goods?

We can identify Counterfeit products using the price they are offering, the seller profile, rating of the product, and the box itself.

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How do you protect from counterfeit products?

The only way to protect yourself from a counterfeited product is to use Monttra and use all of these steps we’ve mentioned above. That way you can easily fight back against the fake products.

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Where do I report counterfeit products?

You can report the fake products easily by calling to IPR center near you. FBI will also help you in protecting others from getting scammed.

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What are the most counterfeited products?

Counterfeited products are the same imitation of a real product. Not genuine but made a copy of a certain product to make people fool and earn more money.

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Which product category is most affected by counterfeit goods?

Computer, Apparel, Watches are the most affected category by counterfeit goods.Check the others counterfeit products.

)What products are often the most counterfeited by criminals and sold in the United States?

Everything from footwear, computer, electronics, pharma products to simple bags are wallets

How do I know if my Watch is original?

By looking at details like, watch face, sound, quality, and price, we can judge whether it’s original or not.

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How do you spot a fake Breitling watch?

To spot a fake Breitling watch, you need to look at some of the most little details like the engraving, watch dial, and even price.

How can I know if my Casio watch is real?

Casio watch can be troubleshooted by following all of the methods we’ve mentioned above.

How can I tell you an authentic Rolex?

By simple looking at the retail store you’ve bought, we can actually judge whether the whole product is real or fake.

How can I tell if my Marc Jacobs bag is real?

Simple by looking at things like Branding, Logos, stamps, and other factors, you can find whether the product that you’re buying is even real.

How can you tell a real Brahmin bag?

Brahmin bags are popular enough to be counterfeited. If you take things like the Logo and Branding into consideration, you can easily find whether or not the bag is real.

How can you tell a real Versace bag from a fake?

Versace bags are difficult to distinguish. However, if you buy it from an official retail store, you can easily find the most credible one which is totally real.