Between 2004 and 2012, Rudy Kurniawan sold some of the most expensive bottles of fake wine to people whom he had befriended in the United States, where he posed as a wine connoisseur and collector. The documentary. Sour Grapes shows how Kurniawan conned his way into the hearts and pockets of some of the wealthiest men in America. His greed and self-aggrandisement show how such an insignificant looking individual was able to pull off some of the most ridiculous scams, and this viewer is of the firm opinion that the scammed got what they deserved.

However, at least one person was able to spot the fake and who knows what would have happened if Kurniawan had not chosen to sell a couple of vintage bottles from 1945 and 1971 Clos St-Denis, where Laurent Ponsot presiding wine maker and head of the Domaine Ponsot became concerned that there was indeed counterfeiting going on as his family had only begun making this particular wine from 1982.

The documentary shows the excruciatingly calculating way Rudy Kurniawan led the so-called wine intelligencia of America by the nose and left some rather large egg marks on many faces of people in the wine industry, who in all honesty, climbed on the bandwagon and should have known better or gone to jail with this little Machiavellian devil.