The use of counterfeited products for business is rather simple. Scam companies and sellers would send bad products to run their business. In 2012, it was research that over $350 priced products, faking brands such as Lacoste, Gucci, Polo shirts were involved in this case.

It is known for a fact that most products that we buy online tend to be counterfeited too. Let’s say that you hire an Airpods, and you still don’t know the integrity of that product you just ordered. Hence, it’s a whole talk about credibility here.

What are the most counterfeited products in the world?

When we talk about buying stuff online, there is no integrity of what will come to your home. You can be engulfed in all sorts of scamming schemes. Many companies do sell things, not on the same level of what you just ordered.

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Thus, this makes counterfeited products a bad impact on the company itself. These companies live only for the present, not for the future itself. If we talk about the products, anything you order online can surface to be a counterfeited product.

You should be extremely careful about what website you choose to buy from. The most counterfeited products by Goliath are as follows

  • Optical Media
  • Labels/Tags
  • Computers/Accessories
  • Footwear
  • Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care
  • Wearing Apparel/Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics/Parts
  • Watches/Jewelry
  • Handbags/Wallets

There is no guarantee that the thing you order will be right. These are some of the things that are most counterfeited all over the world. From computers to handbags, we are not safe anywhere in this world. Let’s take these products one by one.

Counterfeited goods

In this world where nothing is the same anymore, it’s the same with buying stuff online. If you’re trying to buy something online and it’s such an irresistible offer. Just think twice. The easiest scheme to make a customer fool is to put up a sale product that is just too suspicious to buy.

Hence, we are going to talk about products that are prone to scamming risk.

Optical Media

We know that visual media, such as CD ROMs and DVDs are ending day by day. However, this media is still being used actively in the video game industry. Now there are a lot of sites that sell these counterfeited products in the shape of a video game.

Whether you’re playing PC games or Playstation, you are still prone to be scammed online. Many online vendors would send you these 1st hand copy or used products that might not even work at all. Hence, it’s always recommended to resist the fantastic offers that are practically saying, “Come and get scammed.”

Most people don’t even realize that they got scammed.


One of the most counterfeited products are labels themselves. It’s the easiest to paste the logo on a local product and sell it in the morning.

It’s often the case that we also get scammed. We think that the brand is on sale and stuff, but in reality, it’s just a fake tag of that brand. If you search it, you won’t be able to find that product on the official website too.

Hence, you should always be careful with labels and tags as you might not know what local product they are selling while making you fool.


Probably the biggest scam comes in the computer industry. I remember buying a mouse that said ‘HP.’ It was a cheap mouse, so it was a win, right? Well, no! I researched on the web and got to know that that sort of product never existed at all.

The same is the case with other electronics. Many online sellers can sell you used products and repack them. From headphones to mouse/keyboard, make sure to know what you’re buying.

fake laptop notebook


Footwear is an other area where you might get scammed. Many online retailers are selling footwears such as shoes and socks. What’s worst is that these products are often fake.

How do you expect to get Nike or Yeezy’s for 15 bucks? It’s crazy to think that deals like these even exist. However, it still depends on the online seller. There are also black Friday sales that are genuine. From socks to shoes, we don’t know what product can be counterfeited.

differences between original Adidas yeezy 350 and fake Adidas yeezy 350

Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care

While there are any areas of counterfeited products, the world of pharma isn’t safe at all. The main reason is the buying/selling of these products in the black market. That is why it’s a whole other risk to buy these medicines.

More than 50% of the products in pharma we buy are counterfeited. The only reason is that it’s accessible to counterfeit drugs as they are demanded in a large amount.

Wearing Apparel/Accessories

Probably one of the biggest scams we can get in the world of online shopping is apparel and accessories. You order clothes online, and you don’t get what you ordered. Probably, the online shop would attach a high-quality image to emphasize the viewer, and the quality won’t be that good.

Other times, accessories are also prone too. Imagine ordering a gold accessory and finding out it wasn’t gold all along?

Consumer Electronics/Parts

Another common type of scam is when you buy electronics or parts. The online store makes you interesting by putting an attractive price of the counterfeited product. Most people tend to buy things using their instincts, and instincts can be wrong too.

Thus, these electronics or parts turn out to be fake ultimately.

Watches/Jewelryfake jewelry

Another counterfeit prone product we have on our list is watches. Jewelry comes in too. You get deals on watches like Rado, G-Shock for a low price. Even when you order them you won’t know if it’s real or fake.

The counterfeit is done professionally here. DW, G-Shock, RADO watches for 10 bucks isn’t going to happen too. On the other hand fake jewelry has also made it way in scam for a long time.


Another scam prone list of products is handbags and wallets. It’s bad new for both men and women. How do you expect to buy a Gucci wallet for 20 bucks? These online shops are just making a fool out of us. That is why it’s hard to distinguish between real and fake.

several fake brands wallets

Counterfeit Products Comparison

For this part, the size doesn’t matter. However, counterfeited products depend upon the area of their expertise. For example. Watches, Computer, and Electronics, are prone to be faked according to data from OECD That is why it only depends on the category of a specific product.

Counterfeited products by industries chart


In conclusion, we should always be careful about what we buy online. To find the integrity of a product is hard. However, make sure to see the seller, company, and website. Only judge the shop itself to have a rough sketch of what the product will be like.

Moreover, you can also use common sense to buy that product. Compare prices with the stuff on their original website to know it the product’s price is legit or not.