One of the products referred to in the article How to spot fake products are Shoes. Shoes are the most counterfeit items in the world.

To know how to Spot fake shoes, you have to analyze all components of the sneaker, such as the logo, label, leather quality, among many other factors.

It may seem difficult to distinguish real sneakers from fake sneakers, but later in this article, you will find tips on how to avoid being deceived by fakes.

What are replica shoes?

Counterfeit sneakers use poor quality materials and are not produced by established brand companies.

All products of this brand that feature words such as "replica," "fake," or "almost true" are warnings that they are facing fake shoes.

The sneakers counterfeiting industry is so big that in China, it is possible to find the counterfeiting capital. Imagine a city full of counterfeit goods stores accessible to anyone. Do you not believe it? Check out the video!

Most fake shoe Brand

The counterfeiting market is growing and reaches any brand and any type of product and is currently worth almost half a trillion dollars.

With the boom in demand for limited edition or luxury shoes and the chaotic control of authorized stores for online resale, counterfeiters took advantage of this opportunity and entered the market.

Sneakers are the second most counterfeit product in the world, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

It is estimated that 14% of counterfeit products seized in 2018 were fake shoes. Among the most counterfeit brands are brands like Nike, Adidas, Valentino, among others.

In this article, you can find out which brands are most copied on the market and how you can detect the authenticity of the sneakers.


Nike is a world-renowned sports clothing and footwear brand. In every corner of the world, we find a pair of Nike shoes or even a T-shirt.

Founded in 1972, the brand is now the best-selling brand in the world. Athletes, celebrities love the brand and wear Nike shoes in their daily lives or sports competitions.

Kendall Jenner wearing Nike shoes

The brand's success, with millions of annual sales, has become appealing to counterfeit manufacturers. If the brand is the best-selling brand worldwide, the same goes for the best-selling fake brands.

The brand is in the first place when it comes to selling counterfeits, ahead of other major brands such as Apple and Rolex. Recently more more than 14,000 fake Nikes were seized in LA and following studies, these products had a market value of at least US $ 2 million

most counterfeited brands

To save your hard-earned money, you can buy it from the trusted Zappos or Nordstrom website, and keep in mind that your sneaker models most likely to be counterfeit are the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Jordan and Nike Air Huarache models.

If you want to buy original Nike shoes instead of fake Nike, later in this article, you will have unbeatable tips to avoid being deceived.


Adidas is the second best-selling brand of clothing and casual shoes in the world, right behind Nike. As with the brand Nike, the famous and athletes love the pieces sold by Adidas. Their loyalty to the brand is so great that Adidas is regularly joining with famous and famous sportspeople to launch limited edition shoes. This drives his fans to delirium and that they spend thousands of dollars on sneakers.

With such worldwide success, the brand is also being heavily copied, and this makes it the second most counterfeited clothing and footwear brand in the world.

counterfeit brands sales

It is easy to find counterfeit Adidas shoes, in stores, and even in online stores.

There are thousands of websites that sell counterfeit Adidas. Amazon has also struggled to control the sale of fake Adidas brands on its website.

Every day, all over the world, counterfeit brand materials are learned.

US Customs Agents Seize $ 42.9 Million Worth of Chinese Counterfeits in Texas

Often to avoid being cheated, one of the main factors is the price.

The original Adidas Yeezy boost 350 is priced at $ 2966.06, and a counterfeit version of the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 is priced at $ 150. How is it possible?

real vs fake adidas yeezy boost 350

In addition to the Adidas Yeezy models, other models like Adidas Superstar or Adidas Stan Smith are also heavily copied.


The Balenciaga brand has gained worldwide recognition due to its luxury products and unique quality.

Its innovative character has even led its competitors to surrender their creations. Chistian Dior even said that "Balenciaga is the conductor and haute couture is his orchestra. We are all mere musicians who follow the directions imposed by that conductor."

Balenciaga is on track to break €1 billion euro revenue milestone and there is no doubt that Balenciaga is today one of the largest and most recognized brands in the luxury sector in the world.

Balenciaga has been experiencing great growth in recent years, and this is due to its bold combination of streetwear with luxury, which attracted the growing segment of the market. Who has never seen their iconic Triple-S shoes or Balenciaga Speed on streetwear fans from all over the world?

This success comes at a price. That price is counterfeiters, who are copying the brand on a large scale and with high quality. There are the usual 50 $ replicas on the market, but there are other more expensive ones, for example, 400 $, which are fake Balenciaga of high similarity to the original quality ones.

In the image below, it is possible to see two examples of two Balenciaga Triple S replica, with different quality standards.

To avoid buying fake Balenciaga, follow our guide.


The Valentino brand belongs to the luxury segment, and its pieces are made of quality leather.

Valentino shoes

Valentino showed the highest growth rate from 2013 to 2018 according to an analysis by Vogue Business

growing fashion data.

It is possible for the box to identify the real of the fake. The original box has a textured appearance and has Valentino in red. The replica box also has an unpleasant smell.

The inner label is in perfect shape with a clean, clean spot.

The original sneakers must have a serial core according to the color of the hardware.

You will never find extra glue on it. There will be no difference in weight between the two genuine parts.

The company's stamp will be in the right position printed on the leather. It is easy to read.


Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, the Versace brand is synonymous with quality and luxury. Many luxury brands are copied and sold as cheap replicas.

Versace, as a world-renowned brand, also suffers from counterfeiting. CBP recently stopped smuggling US $ 3.4 million in counterfeit goods into LAX.

You can find fake Gucci shoes in physical stores and online stores. To know how to identify authentic versus fake Versace requires some comparative steps.

We give you tips on how to identify authentic Versace shoes compared to fake shoes.


Supreme was initially created as a skateboard shop in 1994 by James Jebbia in New York. However, its success was immediate among the young people who loved skateboards, hip hop, rock. With success, the brand started producing clothes and accessories without ever neglecting the sale of skateboards.

Over its more than twenty years of existence, Supreme has collaborated with sportspeople, singers, designers, and the most innovative brands of our century. Supreme is undoubtedly the definition of Streetwear, and everyone who is a fan of this style feels blessed by the brand. The original Supreme is unique and timeless.

air jordan 5 supreme camo

Their partnerships have resulted in iconic products like:

NIKE x Supreme Air Max 95 Lux sneakers, which combines the iconic Nike air max 95

JORDAN x Supreme Air Jordan 5 Retro sneakers, influenced by the style of the successful sale of Nike, Air jordan or Supreme x Public Enemy that are a tribute to the most notorious rap groups of the last 30 years

Although Supreme is iconic due to its limited editions, counterfeits fraudulently recreate the brand's models. Usually, supreme sneakers, any collaboration costs thousands of dollars. On the black market, these same models can be found for only tens of dollars or you can find them on sites like Ebay.

Collectors are damned because they spend thousands on the brand and do not feel valued.

A study by SEMrush reveals that the Supreme brand is the most sought after brand on Google as a counterfeit. The team analyzed searches for brand names with the word "fake," "counterfeit" and concluded that Supreme has undergone an average monthly search of nearly 14,000 in the US and 29,000 in the rest of the world.

google search fake supreme keyword

Fortunately, we have the tips for identifying original Supreme Sneakers.


On March 16, 1966, a simple store was opened in Anaheim, California. This was the first day of a brand that almost 40 years later is worth the US $ 3.5 billion and would become a cultural symbol.

Its history goes hand in hand with skateboarding and surfing. The brand gained its popularity through skaters considering it the ideal shoe for sport.

Due to its reputation and comfort, it started to be used as footwear for the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

You have certainly seen a friend or family member with one of the most iconic models of the brand. Don't you know what they are?

Vans authentic

vans authentic shoes

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool shoes

Vans SK8-Hi

Vans SK8 Hi shoes

These same models are also the most counterfeit brand shoes found in any street or online store. Recently Half a Million Pairs of Fake Shoes Valued at $ 87 Million Seized in China that includes thousands of fake Vans shoes.

But here you will learn not to fall into this scheme.


The Off-White brand is Urban, bold and with a unique contemporary style, it was launched in 2012 by Virgil Abloh. it is true that today he is recognized worldwide for his work as a stylist, but his training is based on civil engineering.

Off-white is a related brand in large part for men and the key to its success, among those who love street style is its chic reinterpretation of street fashion based on hip hop and rap.

His collaborations with artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber and other personalities took the brand to the level of excellence and made revolutionary shoes possible.

Kanye West with off white shoes

But of course, counterfeits started to emerge.

Remember that models like Nike x Off-White The 10: Air Jordan 1 cost $ 12278.64 and on the internet you can buy fake Nike x Off-White The 10: Air Jordan 1 for just $ 100.

Nike x off white the 10 air jordan 1

Obviously they are false, but the fact that they exist leads to millions of consumers being deceived.

Fake shoes – red flags?

When it comes to buying original shoes that can cost thousands of dollars, every aspect is necessary to ensure that we are not deceived.

To solve this problem, you must pay attention to all aspects that may represent a warning sign. Sometimes, it may be difficult to distinguish the fake product from the original product due to the quality of the replicas of shoes on the market.

So to help you when buying a legitimate pair of shoes, we highlight the red flags that you must analyze on a shoe before you buy. Please read carefully to find out about them.We will give real cases as an example


China is one of the main countries producing product replicas in the most varied areas according to the article Where The World's Fake Goods Originate, followed by Turkey and Singapore.

These countries are where the cheapest replicas of shoes are found, which consequently are sent to the USA and Europe.

countrys producers fake products

The price of a reliable product & a fake one can’t be the same as well. Here you will face a massive amount of distance then each other. For example, the real price of ADIDAS Yeezy Boost 350 v2 "Zebra - 2017 Release shoes are available on 1184,89$, the replica at $700 & the fake one is also $200.There is no chance to get authentic Shoes at a reasonable price. Because the manufacturing cost and quality leathers are better larger than fake shoes. To secure that you buy legitim shoes you need to auto calculate this with logic.

Check the video where you can see Fake Converse shoes for sale only for 17$.


Within the counterfeit products, there are different Grades of Replica, did you know?

There are fake products from Grade C to the top category.

Grade C (It is the weakest replica of all existing on the market. The only part that may look like the shoe) and the top quality replica shoe (The products here look almost original, but the manufacturing quality still falls short of the original)

One thing is sure, legitimate brands use the best materials and the best manufacturing method for the customer to receive the best product.The quality of a product is largely ensured by the type of material used and the quality of the same.

Even the highest quality shoes replicas are possible to detect.

The materials used include the type of skin, leather, buttons, strings, among others.

That is why, even with so many prominence, the false version indeed reveals a flaw.

Side by Side

Let's start with a fundamental analysis of a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers.

Take a real Nike Air max Sneaker and place it next to a fake Nike Air max Sneaker.

The two pairs must be the same size, for example, size 42 in size table by Europe.

Is one pair of Nike Air max taller than the other? Are the cut and width different?

These can be indicators that you may be facing a pair of fakes in your hands.


In counterfeit shoes, the stitch will be broken or gap from one place to another. Their distance from one to another line is far from the real one. The stitch color is not the same as the hardware materials.

Fake Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 971 Stitching authentic vs fake

Different Use of Materials

The materials used in the shoes are different from the other categories of clothing. In the creation and creation of the shoes, it is possible to use at least five types of materials, such as leather, rubber, textiles, synthetics, and foam. The most crucial step in creating a pair of shoes is to use substances.

As mentioned, counterfeits tend to cut costs to save money and make a more significant profit.


If you touch the surface of the low-quality leather, you can examine that crack on the surface. It won't be smooth enough. It smells natural but with a musty feel. If the fake shoe has a chemical smell, then it's not real leather.


After wearing your shoes overnight or for a long time, check your soles. If you think it's still okay, without bad smell or sweat, it's fine. Just check your comfort with this sole, without any hassles or internal label.

Nike Air Max 90 soles

For example, like Nike Air max 90 originals have an EVA insole molded by the 3D compression method with a pattern of the original design of the sole and the logo printed on it. The Air Max 90 forged a simple layer of low-value cut foam.


It is a kind of sandwich between the upper side & the outsole. This is very common to have a midsole in every shoe made with polyurethane. It can be mushy after keeping for a long time without proper use. It has no different criteria to find a bad quality midsole. Depending on your using procedure with polyurethane it can break your midsole at any time.

The most obvious flaw in the fake Vapormax sneakers midsoles is that they are too opaque.

In the pair of original sneakers, the midsoles are full of bubbles and much less opaque, which makes it almost impossible to see through them.

Instead, in the pair of fake Nike Vapormax, you can see almost everything between the bubbles.

Nike vapormax authentic vs fake midsoles


Sometimes you can follow the real one made with high-quality rubber where the fake one is manufactured with low-quality rubber. It feels like plastic. It may not be flexible for anyone.

The soles of authentic Nike shoes cause the sensation of traction and comfortable support because they are effectively created with high-quality rubber. In turn, imitations use the cheapest rubber on the market, which undoubtedly looks like plastic and makes the shoe heavier.

authentic Nike shoes outsoles

The real Nike pattern on the soles is uniform and strictly spaced.

In the forgeries, the patterns are randomly spaced, making the sole hard and almost inflexible.

Now that you know how to identify counterfeit sneakers by the sole let's address other essential components.


You can identify the fake shoes by its weight. The imitation of a fake shoe takes a long time to make it complete. When I can't identify it by seeing but can realize it by feeling. Counterfeit shoes are heavier than the real ones. Because they manufacture the mash copy with fake materials.

As you can see in the video, the original Adidas Yeezys weigh equally, approximately 385g for each shoe. Of course, counterfeits cannot carry that weight. The weight of the fake pairs varies by model and brand, but, in the case of Yezzy, the vast majority of counterfeit shoes, these pairs are much lighter than the legitimate ones.

Adidas Yezzy weight test

This is due to the technology that Adidas uses. Boost technology makes it difficult for counterfeiters to hit the weight of shoes.

Replica manufacturers offer a cheaper solution but shoes of different weights.


If it is the NIKE shoe then you will see a serial no inside the shoe. Counterfeit one has the tag on the backside of the tongue.

To better exemplify how to check a label, we will use the Nike SACAI model.

Start by checking the size label and then the remaining label elements as you can see in the image

Nike Sacai Blazer inside Tag

It is almost immediately noticed that the fake Nike Sacai Blazer pair has the "BV0072-700" in the center of the label, looking very thin. The writing of the pair of authentic sneakers is much thicker than the fake Sacai Blazer.

Then, getting closer to the label, you can quickly repair the number that is below the barcode.

Comparatively, you can see that the counterfeit pair has this very thick text, and the true pair has this much thinner text.


Store visiting is the best way to realize the difference between fake & real shoes. Here you will come to know some authentic manufacturing information. That will help you to check out the best one.

Official Store

At the official store, you can collect some important information or documents related to the manufacturing process. This will not be available at any other branch or store.

The effective method to avoid buying a counterfeit at all is to purchase at the official store of the brand.

nike store near you

You can make the purchase online at the brand store, or if you want to buy in person at an official physical store of the brand, go to the website, for example, Nike, and they will inform you of the store nearest you.

Authorized Store

Sometimes we can find discounts or a specific model in a store other than the official brand store.

We see this a lot online through e-commerce stores that have invaded the internet.

The most effective way to find out if this store sells original shoes and not replicates is to check on the brand website if there is a reference to that store.

For example, Balenciaga has a page on its website where it is possible to find stores authorized to sell their products.

Balenciaga store locators


In the above content, we have described all mandatory steps to spot the fake shoes. If you want to save your money & love to get the best-branded shoe, then you need to read the content thoroughly. If you wish to understand the difference between authentic & fake shoes, view our content.

Please contact us for further information.