A lot of counterfeited products are making their way into the world. It’s happening day by day. In this article, we are going to teach you the solution to this issue. How will you achieve credibility? How are you going to distinguish between a real and a fake product?

There are a lot of ways to try you luck. However, we present you “Monttra”. An app on both Android and iOS that you can trust fully and buy with ease. This app has do to everything from revealing a fake products to keeping then out from your vision. Hence, let’s get deep into our topic.

What is Counterfeit?

The most natural explanation to this question is to make the same copy of an original product. This is often done for fraud and scamming purposes.

The United Kingdom loses billions of pounds just because of these counterfeited products. Thus, it’s only reasonable to counter back by telling you how not to get scammed in this world of never-ending trust issues. Most people are satisfied when they see the excellent ratings of a product.

However, this rating can easily be fake by making a fake account and commenting. This is their trick. Moreover, you also get unbelievable discounts that are just too good to be true. In that case, people tend to get emphasized by the lower prices and buy that product.

These vendors make fake products that are duplicate to the real products. Often, we can’t even tell whether that fake product is fake or real. There are all sorts of products such as watches, electronics, phones, laptops. That is why we are going to talk about some of the most counterfeited products of all time.

Most counterfeited products

In this world of never-ending scams, there are a lot of products that are prone to be falsified. These products are:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Wines
  • Medicines

We are going to talk about these products that you have a chance of getting scammed from. In our other article, we’ve mentioned a list of products that are also prone to be counterfeited. Those products include electronics, computers, mobiles, apparel, and a lot of others. Make sure to check that article out too.

Hence, let’s take these products one by one and see what type of scam you can find and what brands are getting scammed by these companies.


Fake yeezy boost

The most counterfeited product on our list is shoes. There’s a whole fake shoe capital in China. The company is making counterfeit trainers. These trainers are sent all over the world. The logo and everything are fake, but we still can tell just by looking at it whether it’s fake or not.

But if we take a sound look at it, we can see that these products are a little weird. The spaces between letters and details are just not that good. We can find all the brands here, and we will talk about them in a bit. But why does shoes industry have to face this problem?

In the past decades, shoes industry has been growing and growing. Everyone can buy a pair of good shoes in this day and age. With this change in fashion trends, people did change with time too. Hence, an increase in physical activity and games occurred.

More and more people want shoes now. This made the counterfeit market to come in between. It’s a business to buy the products that look similar but aren’t on par with the real ones. Most people don’t even know how the real ones are like as they have never seen those before.

Most counterfeited Shoes brand

Nike is currently the most counterfeited brand. This is all because of the demand for the shoes. Making counterfeited products is easy and less expensive. This is the ultimate business a company can do. A lot of teenagers buy counterfeited shoe brands because the original prices of a shoe is too high.

The Internet has changed everything. Not even going to a shop, but people can buy these products sitting at home. Like Nike, Adidas, Yeezy’s, and a lot of other brands are also being counterfeited.

If you Have bought fake Nike Shoes contact here


comparison between original Louis Vuitton bag and Louis Vuitton fake bag

Most people nowadays are unaware of what is the reality behind fashion products. Within the scope of bags, we can expect a lot of handbags being counterfeited. With replica bags, companies are selling rip off of the original products for their business.

Even people are okay with it. Most people tend to buy fake replicas as there have to wear a bag for some time. They can afford a real thing. The biggest problem in buying real product itself is the idea of getting scammed from a fake product.

But what is the problem with counterfeit handbags? It’s fake to buy fake products as it’s against copyright law. How will you feel if someone is selling your product with your name on it and gaining profit?

Moreover, fake products can also bring down the reputation of a company, ultimately making it a fake and less credible company with bad products overall. Now let’s talk about the most counterfeited brand of bags.

Most counterfeited Bags brand

There are all sorts of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton that are prone to be counterfeited.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited product of all time. It’s one of the biggest companies that people long for. However, not everyone can afford it. For that purpose, the rip-offs are becoming popular day by day. Replicating these products prove to be beneficial for people. But the company gets into a loss.


With research, it was concluded that over 15-30% of the world’s watches that people search for are replicas. More specifically, people are looking for replica watches. According to companies like Swiss, they said that these replica watches costs them billions of dollars every year.

These efforts are just not so worth it for them. With these destructive ways of making replicas, companies are going in loss. In 2010, over 7,000 replicas of Rolex watches were caught on camera, and the vendor was sent to jail for six months.

These counterfeits aren’t even worth that much. These watches won’t provide the premium feel or performance like the real ones. Even in some backward countries where watches aren’t even known that much, these replicas have already made their way through. Now let’s talk about the fakest watches brands of all time

Most counterfeited Watches brand

fake rolex watches

Counterfeit products are a real problem, but watches are even more real. Companies lost billions of dollars every year due to fake watches. These companies are the most scam prone.

Cartier is a company that is well known all over the world. It is known for its good design and better durability. However, for the durability part, you won’t get it in the replica as it can be broken in a matter of a minute.

Rolex is probably the world’s most known watch. It targets the whole world and is super expensive. However, this company is still being sold for what? Ten bucks in the wild?

Some other companies like Gucci and OMEGA are prone to scam too.


Original wine bottle and fake wine bottle

Wines are expensive as it is, but the counterfeit in vines make a multi-million loss to many companies. This has to do with everything from packaging to the collectible wines. Especially if you’re a wine collector, you might have encountered someone buying a counterfeited vine.

The global fraud in the Wine industry is $40 billion, and it’s crazy to think that. Almost 30,000 bottles of counterfeit wines are sold in China every hour.

It’s a significant risk if you’re a vine collector. Buying Chateau Lafite or Mouton Rothschild, and other expensive vines have become so complicated. These fraud companies buy empty bottles for over a thousand bucks or more from the black market. After that, they refill these bottles and sell them to different people.

Most counterfeited Wine brand

All sorts of wines such as Chateau Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, Brandi, Whiskey, you’re not aware of what you’re going to drink. This is because the trust issues have come to the point where it’s hard to distinguish stuff.

Red wines are more comfortable to replicate if we compare them to white. That’s why red wines are more prone to have you get scammed rather than a white one. This is some serious black business going on. We won’t even be able to point such a difference if we take wine. However, wine experts are still able to distinguish.


Fake medicines

While there are any areas of counterfeited products, the world of medicine isn’t safe at all. The main reason is the buying/selling of these products in the black market as they need in a more massive amount. Nothing is safe from a scam, and the same is the thing with medicines. That is why it’s a whole other risk to buy these medicines.

More than 50% of the products in pharma we buy are counterfeited. The only reason is that it’s accessible to counterfeit drugs as they are demanded in a large amount. There are many fake products that we buy every day, especially when it comes to medicines.

There are also cases where the medicine itself is terrible and safe, and it might even damage a person.

Most counterfeited Medicines

Some of the most counterfeited drugs are Anti-infectives, Cardiovascular, CNS, Cytostatics, Alimentary. The drug-selling industry loses almost $200 billion every year. It’s crazy to think about how much impact the counterfeited products have on the companies themselves?

How to Spot Fake Products?

To detect a fake product, it is necessary to analyze all the involving aspects of the product.

In addition to the price, packaging, and reputation of the seller, each type of product has different ways to detect whether it is fake or not.

Here's how to spot a fake product.

Fake Shoes

Authentic and fake Gucci Shoes

The fake shoes market is enormous, but to protect yourself from buying counterfeit shoes you need to pay attention to some details, and make specific product analyzes

Learn more how to spot fake shoes

Fake Bags

To detect a false bag, you need to analyze aspects such as the skin, the stamp, the zippers the authentication cards, among others.

Curious to know how to detect a fake suitcase?

Learn more how to spot a fake bag

Fake Watches

Authentic and fake Michael Kors watch

Buying a watch is not exactly a cheap purchase, and as such, it is necessary to make sure that we are buying an original watch and not a fake watch.

Learn more how to spot a fake watch

Fake Wine

The wine market is also heavily attacked by the crime of counterfeiting. Paying for a bottle of authentic wine and drinking a counterfeit wine is not pleasant

Learn more how to spot fake wine

Fake Medicines

These types of products can damage the health of those who consume them. it is urgent to tell people how to detect a fake pill.

Labs can also protect your brands.

Pay Attention to the Product’s details

For this part of our article, we are going to focus on what should you focus on while buying a product. How not to get scammed. So how will you sport online goods that can be counterfeit products?

The main area of the problem is where counterfeited products are identical to the real ones. These products are almost so similar that it becomes hard to tell whether they’re even fake or not. Hence, there are some of these problems that we are going to be writing step by step. Make sure to spot the fake ones our using these features that we are writing.

Men inspecting wine bottle


Probably the biggest reason why people get scam is the price itself. Most counterfeited products only contain an amount that is even half the real ones. The prices are so genuine to us that we often get scammed because of them too.

The fraud companies use bad materials to create these replicas that make it look identical, but still, the quality is not on par with the original thing. Using low-quality product in manufacturing generates a lot of revenue and sales.

That is why making these products are a threat to the companies and the people themselves. There had been cases where the counterfeited products like iPhone’s adapters started to electrocute people. Even cosmetics would contain harmful substances like cyanide and mercury. That is the reason why these products are fake.

We tend to get emphasized by the low price of a thing, and then we want that thing for us. Ignoring the bad an only seeing the good factor that is the price here, we get ourselves in even darker scenarios.

It’s easy to spot with the price, though. You can check the price of that product online and if it’s a lot less than the original one. Congratulations, you’ve just discovered fraud.


Packing is another thing that makes you identify between real and fake products. We often order items online that come in a courier box or something. However, we tend to ignore the boxes and stuff.

If you’re buying a product, make sure to see the box. If the box is in bad condition and no branding, we can assume that it’s probably fake. Most fraud vendors won’t even care about the boxes, and it would cost them a lot.

Hence, they would just put the products in fake boxes and sell then all over the world. This is how the fraud business works.

Customer reviews and seller profiles

This is one of the essential aspects to track fake products. Customer reviews provide us a chance to rethink what we are going to be buying. These reviews are just independent and not biased by any means.

If someone is saying that the product is fraud, you need to take his word as he’s talking from experience. Most people don’t care about the rating. However, a rating is important as it indicates how much a product is credible. If someone says that the product is cheap or fake, be sure to think before buying.

You can also check the ratings of a seller on some websites. So make sure not to be scammed if that’s the case.

Anti-counterfeiting solution

Towards success, we shall rise now. We have the perfect solution for you, and the trust issues the world is going through. We present to you “Monttra”. An application on both Android and iOS that prevents you from getting scammed.

As mentioned above, there’s a lot more going on this application. It prevents you from buying fake stuff by keeping a virtual wall between you and the fake market. This is the way how it saves us from being scammed.

It’s an advanced anti-counterfeiting technology that prevents the entry of fake brands towards you. You want to avoid the scam. Here’s the perfect solution for you. Monttra can save you from being scammed.

Monttra can protect you from being scammed. It tells the owner how much the possibility of being scammed is there. It traces everything in real-time and protects you from every scamming service. The app is worldwide used by a large number of people. Hence, you should check it out for safer buying.

Monttra anti counterfeiting solutions


Avoiding a fake product is getting essential day by day. You should always buy a credible product that you have the whole trust into. You will save yourself and the company itself from getting scammed.

Thus, it’s always recommended to buy products using a credible source so that you won’t get scammed at any cost. Monttra helps you in purchasing safe products to let you know that there is hope left in fighting against these fraud companies.

Even if you’re sitting at whatever corner of the world, to fight against counterfeited products, you should use Monttra.

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