Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you got scammed? The thing that you bought wasn’t original. Or it was a counterfeited product? Check How to spot a fake products or acepted our solution.Well, we have got a savior for you. Monttra is an anti counterfeit solution that necessarily allows you not to get scammed.

It gives you 100% real product assurance and the app is available for both Android and iOS. Their slogan says that you are brand protected meaning that there is little to no chance of you getting scammed. It works with a whole linked chain where a product is extensively tested.

What is a Replica Watch?

A replica or counterfeited watch is an illegal and unauthorized copy of original brand. You might know watches like Rolex, Swiss, and various other brands. The truth of the matter is that even the brands that are this big aren’t really saved from being scammed.

According to a research, there are almost 40 Million to 50 Million counterfeited watches that are made every year. These watches are often sold on the streets and in markets regularly. One of the most interesting things about these watches is that they are sold regularly in such a less price tag.

From as low as 5$ to thousands of dollars, the price tag is pretty flexible.What’s even more interesting is the fact that there are some types of counterfeit violations too.

The most counterfeited Watch Brands

Now, we are going to talk about some of the most counterfeited watch brands in the world right now. The list is as follows:


If we talk about the most counterfeited watch brands, Rolex tops the list according to the Hypebeast. There are most counterfeited Rolex's than any other brand in the world right now. The watch has influenced itself as one of the most remarkable and expensive watches in the world.

Moreover, Rolex has set and raised the standard of living so that if you own a Rolex means that you’re rich. The Swiss made watches from Rolex are the most popular that are being sold in almost every part of the world right now.

Of course, it’s also a fact that the company loses a lot of money due to these counterfeited watches, but the damage is too small compared to the actual profit that they are making. Still, it’s wrong for the 3rd party vendors to supply these watches in humongous amounts in all parts of the world.


Apple watch has been one of the most successful watches if we talk about smartwatches. However, being as successful as it is, the brand is still not safe from being counterfeited. There are countless counterfeits of Apple watch that we get to see to this date.

Many other companies try their best to replicate it and some get too close to the original stuff. But counterfeited products can easily be identified.

The brand has been fighting against this crime and if you find any fake apple watch, you can report it here

Apple watch


Cartier produces one of the best watches and most attractive jewelry. Back from the 1970s, this brand has become one of the most well-known jewelry makers. The whole Cartier watch theme has to do with love and affection, and their watches are sold on a big scale.

Cartier fake watches can also be found if we see the local market in today's world. In New Orleans, counterfeit Cartier watches of worth $2.6m were seized. Everyone was pretty intimidated by this fact. This has got everyone thinking that the counterfeited products are pretty normalized now.

Gold Cartier watch

4.Michael Kors

Michael Kors has already mentioned in their privacy policy that we should buy the watch only from their store if we want to avoid being scammed. Michael Kors is one of the biggest watch manufacturers, but the company still isn’t safe from replicated products.

Going to the local market, we can easily find this watch anywhere. In 1996, several sellers were arrested selling Michael Kors just near to Yale University.

That is why Michael Kors is considered a company strongly connected to the counterfeit watch market to date.

michael kors sofie watch

5.Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet watch is one of the most expensive and premium watches to buy until this date. However, scammers and counterfeits are all over the world. That is why it’s important for you to buy the watch only from a relevant or official Piguet retail store.

The price of counterfeit watches are too less, and that is self-explanatory. So, if you were to buy the watch at an extremely low price, then you should know that you are going to get scammed.

The watch quality also speaks for itself. You will identify whether it’s real or a fake one.

Audemars Piguet watch


Michele watches are another victim of the huge volume of being counterfeit watches. You will find them in the local market no matter where you go. It’s more like a trend that when a particular company of watch hits a certain level of success.

The third-party illegal vendors start making the replica in large amount because many people prefer buying fake watches instead of paying the full price of these watches. That’s how Michele watches are pretty much counterfeit prone too.

Michele watch


Armani is an excellent company with excellent watches. Many people prefer Armani due to the elegance they provide to the users. However, in a sense, Armani is all about bargaining. Many people believe that the fake or real, the material is almost the same.

This is false, but there are many types of replicas, too, that can lead you towards being scammed. That is why authentication is essential. And if you know that you bought a replica watch, you will surely feel guilty too.

Armani watch

8.Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein watches something that you see every day, but you don’t even know if it’s real or fake. The counterfeit market has improved so much that even we can’t actually find that much of a difference between the fake or real.

CK is known for a wide range of products, and their every product is counterfeit prone, but watches are still on a whole different level. That is why you should always search before buying a CK watch.

Calvin Klein watch


Omega is the name of elegance and exquisiteness, and the watches they make are something that suits gentlemen. They make one of the most elegant watches available in the market right now.

One of the strangest things about the replication of watches like Omega watches is the amount of effort that these counterfeit suppliers expend to put as many details on the fake watch. These same details take a lot of time and money. But there are still high-quality copies of Omega watches on the market.

Omega watches


Breitling is a leader in the aviation industry, and they make one of the best watches for pilots to date. Its material is super-premium, and the design itself is sophisticated enough for you to drop your jaw.

Interestingly, it is tough to replicate Breitling watches, and illegal sellers need to invest more money and effort in replicating these watches. That is why if you are going to buy a Breitling watch, be sure to buy it from an official store.Very recent actor Adam Driver showed an exemplary Breitling watch that generated a lot of interest in the world press.

Breitling Norton hero watch


Pandora is the second largest jewelry manufacturer in the world. It is known worldwide for its customizable bracelets, rings and earrings.

It also has an incredible line of watches that make millions of women completely in love.

Your target audience is not people of the highest social level due to the quality watches at a more affordable price. However, there are thousands of counterfeit Pandora watches on the market

Pandora watch

Here are some of the anti-counterfeit methods you can apply to avoid being scammed:

1.Know the Seller

When you want to buy a product, you must collect as much information about the seller.

For example, let's say you are going to buy a Gucci bag.

In this case, you should find an official retail store that has a good reputation instead of buying it from a very suspicious-looking man on the street corner at night. Well, it was just a sarcastic example, but here's the deal.

The seller is responsible for selling you a product. If it is fake or real, they are responsible for it. That is why knowing the seller is essential in the process of avoiding buying a counterfeit product. Even big sellers like Amazon start selling counterfeit goods. I've seen many people being tricked directly from Amazon or eBay.

Also, you can search for the seller and watch reviews if you are not buying the product from online stores like Amazon. Google knows everything and must also provide reports about nearby suppliers.

2. Paperwork is important

Patek Philippe watch paperwork

Paperwork is essential because it is proof that you have purchased a real product. Even if you want to sell your product, you must preserve evidence of purchase.

The paperwork is further proof that you bought a legit product and not a counterfeit product. You can also consider it as a certificate of authenticity for your product. This is the kind of importance of paperwork. In turn, in the Monttra app, this certificate is transmitted via the QR code.

3. Watch Price

The price is a significant warning factor. Being aware of the cost of the watch is fundamental, and common sense is essential. How can you expect to buy a watch whose original price is $ 1000 and you earn it for $ 20? So if the deal looks too good to be true, it's usually

Watches from notable brands, genuine and 100% authentic, even used, the price starts in the thousands of dollars and not in the hundreds of dollars.

The counterfeiting industry is incredibly sophisticated, to the point where you can now find the modern Rolex Datejust collection that looks and works almost as if it were real.

Rolex Detejust fake and original

4. Watch Weight

Rolex weight chart

Weight is also an important factor in troubleshooting this whole mess. So here’s the deal, you can quickly look up for the spec sheet of watch online, and you’ll find the weight of it. After that, check the weight of the watch that you’re buying and compare both of them.

If there’s a difference, then you should know that you are in the process of being scammed. So, in short, weight matters.

5. Watch Details

Watch details are something that you should look after. Sometimes, the counterfeit watch makers have difficulty in crafting the whole watch with the same amount of detail relative to the original one.

That’s where they mess up. You will definitely see one of two differences if you put those watches side by side.

Typefaces and Engravings

In details, typefaces might be a little different, the size can also be weird. But if we talk about engravings like the name or branding, they can also differ from the original.


Looking at the tick of the watch, you can judge solely from the movement whether it’s real or fake. That’s for the movement part.


If you want to go deep into the troubleshooting phase, sound of the tick is something that you can judge from too. The material of the watch can also be judged whether it’s real or replica. The sound of the watch like Apple watch can tell you by the quality, whether the watch itself is fake or not.

Moreover, if you’re a big watch enthusiast, you will definitely know the legitimacy of a certain watch in your hands.


You can judge stamping on the watch and one the watch box itself too. If it coincides with the one that you’ll find on the internet, then you won’t be getting a counterfeit watch. But still, you should look after it.

Serial and Model number Stamping

The model number and serial number can be found on the back of the watch or even on the case.

Brands are trying to keep replicas out of the market, but it is a challenging mission. However, the Monttra App, through its certification process for each product, keeps counterfeits out of the distribution chain.

Check how the Monttra app prevents counterfeits from entering and prevents you from buying a replica.

How Monttra saves you from being counterfeited

Monttra is an anti-counterfeiting software that essentially allows you to buy legitimate things. It is a perfect counterfeit solution that allows you to purchase items from authorized suppliers. If you are buying something online, definitely check for authenticity with the monttra app. The reputation of the software itself is good.

A product undergoing specific security processes, there is no room for counterfeit products to enter the distribution chain. It works so that customers get what they pay for

It works perfectly, and you will be surprised to know how many legit products you can get by installing this app on your Android or iOS device.



We have mentioned some of the most elite techniques you can use to avoid being scammed. However, if you want to be safe online, then Monttra is the best option for you. You won’t be scammed by any means.