Price, quality of materials, place where you buy the suitcase and other factors, are red flags to keep in mind to spot a fake bag.

Following our article about how to spot fake product, we launched a series of tips for you to protect yourself against counterfeit bags

What is a Fake Bag?

A fake bag is a bag whose original identity has been changed. Fake bags vary concerning the original bags in terms of price, quality of materials, design, and other factors.

For example, in counterfeit bags, their price is only tens of dollars, compared to the thousands of dollars of original bags.

Just like counterfeits are found anywhere and as such buying from official stores is an essential factor.

So let’s talk about some of the most counterfeited bag companies in the world and how to detect fake bags

Most counterfeit Bag Companies


The Gucci brand, like other major brands, started its activity with the manufacture of leather parts made by hand. Its evolution as a brand has made it the most prestigious luxury brand on the market. Your journey to success is incredible and can be read in more detail in the article Charting the evolution of Gucci

One of the biggest factors to continue to be seen as a luxury and quality brand is the fact that they have a new design created by Alessandro Michele and continue to invest in bags and other products made in leather.

The Gucci brand today has a valuation of 15,949 billion dollars and has a growth rate of 23%. It is the luxury brand with the highest growth in the world, according to data provided by Interbrand.

With so much success in its lines of bags, clothing, and accessories, it made the brand accessible to counterfeit producers.With so much success in its lines of bags, clothing and accessories, it has made the brand accessible to counterfeit producers.

But later in this article, we will explain how to protect yourself and detect counterfeit Gucci bags.

Fake gucci bag


Who has never heard of the Chanel brand? it is almost impossible to find someone who is not aware of the Chanel brand and its products

Chanel is a brand specializing in haute couture, ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and fashion accessories for the upper class.

Chanel most famous bag is the Chanel 2.55 bag with the base price is $2,900, and today it is considered an investment item.

With the big success of the 2.55 model, a lot of people wanted to obtain this iconic suitcase, and as such, the counterfeiters saw an opportunity to profit. Nowadays in this market, you can find a Chanel bag for only $ 50. Companies like Chanel and other companies get billions of dollars loss. The counterfeit industry makes almost $1.2 trillion USD, which is a lot. But the main problem is not what it gains. The problem occurs when we talk about the loss that the legit companies have to follow. Companies like Chanel and other companies get billions of dollars loss.

Chanel 2.55 bag


The Italian brand Furla presents products with only Italian design and features in its portfolio, bags, shoes, and accessories.The Furlanetto family that created the Furla brand created and launched its first collection of handbags in 1970, and since that time, the brand is known worldwide for its minimalist style.

Its success has been enormous, and with that Furla's Revenue exceeds 500 million euros in 2018 and this is due to the strong demand from Asian countries for superior products like Furla's as well as their investment in digital marketing.

However, if we go to the local market even today, You will be surprised to see how many Furla bags we get to see everywhere. There are big Furla collection bags that you can get with just a small fraction of the money in this case.

Brown Furla bag

4.Bimba Y Lola

The Bimba Y Lola brand was created by María Domínguez Rodríguez and Uxía Domínguez Rodríguez in 2005. It is a Spanish brand characterized by its young and innovative style.

In street style, it is the Bimba Y Lola brand bags that stand out the most. One of the most successful models is the mini shoulder bag with a waterproof fabric. The bag is a real one and is continually running out.

Bimba Y Lola has an extensive history of fighting with the counterfeit vendors, but there’s no denying that the bags still exist to this date. You will also find a lot of fake Bimba Y Lola websites where the 3rd party vendors are providing you the counterfeit goods. Hence, Bimba Y Lola is another counterfeit prone brand.

green Bimba Y Lola bag


The luxury brand Hermès, launched in 1837 by Frenchman Thierry Hermès, initially emerged as a producer of harnesses for horses. Curious right?

Over the years, the brand started to produce luxury items, such as bags, shoes, among others. Recently it was listed as one of the most valuable companies in the world according to the BrandZ ranking.

Among his most famous suitcase models are the Kelly handbag, world-famous due to actress Grace Kelly, and the Birkin bag with the US$ 222 thousand cost, which was created for Jane Birkin, who needed a large, practical bag.

When the company was busy in doing hard work and building such a great brand that rivals other big brands, some insiders decided to lay low and start a small counterfeit supplying business. This is what company suffered even in the initial stages. Hence, we should always be careful if we are to buy a Hermes product.

Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags

6.Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world according to recent studies.In its huge range of products we can find leather goods, bags, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry and accessories.Most of its products are adorned with the EV monogram.

most luxury brands on the market chart

Most Popular Louis Vuitton Handbags are many and the demand for replicas has grown immensely and with that the company has suffered damages of millions of dollars

Even if we look in the local market today, we will literally find these louis vuitton bags to be hanging everywhere with such a low price. You can get them for just some bucks while the original bag would cost thousands of dollars.

LV bag

7.Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is known to make everything from watches, underwear, pants, to stuff like bags. Their products are excellent and are sold heavily everywhere. But if we talk about the company overall, they have lost a huge amount of money in counterfeit goods.

It would be nice to have some way of preventing people from buying counterfeit products, and Monttra have the solution.

Calvin Klein bag


Founded in 1978 by the Italian Gianni Versace, the brand conveys a huge visual provocation in its pieces maintaining great comfort through the materials used.The brand is the greatest symbol of extravagance and super sensuality.

Versace has the most beautiful bags in the world , like Versace Baroque shoulder bag or Icon Western Handbag,and the brand is appealing to its customers to buy from the official Versace store or me from official resellers

Just like Calvin Klein, Versace has also made its reputation in the bags market. They sell one of the best bags in the market right now. However, the brand itself is still not totally safe from being counterfeited and there are a lot of scammers out there trying their best to scam you at anytime. Hence, you should always be careful in buying Versace.

Versace Palazzo Empire bag


Guess has made its reputation by making some premium men and women wallets. Talking about the bags, they are deep into making the finest bags with greatest craftsmanship. However, it is also not totally safe from being counterfeited. Aside from just the bags, there are a whole list of other products of Guess that you will find to be counterfeited.

Guess bag

10.Marc jacobs

For bag enthusiasts, Marc Jacobs is like heaven. Having one of the best designers in their arsenal, the company is making one of the best designer bags for people to buy and use. The brand innovated in the bag market with its pillow bag.

The Marc Jacobs pillow bag, folds easily and properly, as if it were a pillow for those pre-ham naps in the middle of the day. Combining the suitcase concept with the cushion concept is innovative.

But like all the brands already mentioned, the Marc Jacobs brand is also struggling with serious counterfeiting problems.

Marc Jacobs pillow bag

Identifying Fake Purses

Now, we are going to talk about the troubleshooting phase. How do you identify fake purses? Well, here are some of the things that you need to focus on if you want to buy a legit purse with no scam.


The first and foremost thing that you need to check is the price. Let’s suppose that you are buying a Chanel 2.55 bag. Someone gives you an offer of a pretty cheap purse claiming that it is in a discount or something. This sort of suspicious behavior should never be tolerated, and you should know that suspiciously low price bags are most likely to be a replica.

Comparation price between original and fake Chanel 255 bag

2.Fabric and Materials

Fabric and the materials used must be taken into consideration when buying a purse. In most cases, we tend to ignore the material and quality, solely focusing on the price tag itself. But quality of a bag speaks for itself.

Hence, the counterfeit purses are most likely to be made with rather cheap material with little to no realism. That is how you can check whether the purse that you bought is real or fake.


Considering the quality of a certain bag, you must be able to tell whether the leather bag is real or not. Most fake leaders are already messed up to the point where you can easily tell whether it’s real or fake. Same is the case with bags like these.


From lining, we mean the sewer lining. There’s sew lining one every bag that we can look to see whether a certain bag is even real or not. Most counterfeit bags are poorly knitted and you might be able to see the disaster in real time. That is how you can troubleshoot whether it’s real or fake.


Just like lining, every bag is stitched and there’s a bright chance that the counterfeit bag’s stitching might be a little messed up. There would be some blank points or stitching out of order in some places. So it’s pretty easy to judge whether a bag is real of fake just by looking at it.

Clasps, Buttons, and Zippers

Clasps, buttons, and zippers are other factors that might also become evident piece of information while buying a bag. Buttons and zippers are most likely to rot away quickly as the counterfeit vendors always use low quality product.

Thus, if there’s even a single amount of rust on the bag, just consider not buying that bag. There is a high probability that the bag itself is fake. The main difference comes in quality when we talk about the real and fake product. Same is the case with bags, fake products are always having low quality parts.

fake and original Louis Vuitton zippers

Designer Logo

Many counterfeit vendors fail to create the same complex logo as the real one. In that case, it becomes pretty much impossible to print the same exact designer logo but they just put it on the purse.

Looking closely, you might see a little bit of difference in the logo itself. If there’s a difference between real logo and the logo on purse, then you should definitely not buy that bag as it’s most likely to be fake again.

Louis Vuitton original logo vs fake logo


You might also be able to see the bag’s packing. If you think it’s way too simple or the box didn’t look like the company’s own box, then you should definitely not buy the bag as it’s most likely to turn on fake sooner or later.

Box and packing matters the most in some cases.


Label is also something that can tell the authenticity of a certain bag. If there’s the official label of the company attached to the bag, then you can easily buy it but if the label is missing, there is a clash for you.

Authenticity Documentation

Documentation is clearly generated by the official company to set a credible source of buying for you. If there’s proper and real documentation available then it’s all well and good. But if the documents are missing, it's bad news for you.

However, Monttra, as said earlier, can help you in buying the most credible products online. You can just click on the product you want and you will get a detailed analysis of which product you should buy for a certain type of buying. There is literally no room for scam too.


In conclusion to all this, we have talked about some of the basic techniques you can use to avoid this whole mess while still buying a credible and a hundred percent real product. Using Monttra can help you in assisting the online world shopping and make your shopping experience better than ever.